Artist REgistry

Hickory Museum of Art has the honor of sharing art with the community as a whole. Our shop HMA is a wonderful way for visitors to both see and purchase wonderful and often one-of-a-kind pieces of art for their own collections. The artists listed below can be found in Shop HMA, visit us and see what they have to offer.


Barbara Dodson,Sweet Barbie Jamz, LLC

Newton, NC

We make products from locally grown produce and whole food markets. We use only produce grown in the U.S.A.. We strive to use natural and organic produce when making our products.

Barbara Gerber

Memphis, TN

Pressed Flowers, Water Color, Calligraphy

Belinda Wilfong, BFWilfong Clay Creations

Newton, NC


Thank you to the HMA and Community for encouraging and supporting our participation of consignments in the shop. It continues to be a joy.

Buzz Coren, Featherwood

Burnsville, NC


Cathy McCoy, Cathy's Cards

Lenoir, NC


I like to paint small things that don't take long to complete, particularly flowers. Colorful greeting cards make a lovely and inexpensive missive and gift.

Delma Turner

Hickory, NC

Diane Enger, Time and again Designs

Time and Dagain Designs.JPG

Fused Glass and Wire

I love glass and wire and combine these materials to create art for your body and soul and environment.

Eda Escuder

Hickory, NC


I make jewelry as a hobby. I love the creative process, making each piece unique.


Fran Herfurth

Hickory, NC

Stained Glass

My Stained Glass artwork is heart and hand- crafted; on of a kind pieces most often created free-style, without the use of patterns or special cutting equitment.

John Delazzer

John's Wood Turning's.JPG

Hickory, NC


I've always enjoyed working with wood. Every piece has it's own natural character. It's pleasant to touch; and, it can be made into many different shapes based on my vision.


Judith Covey

Judith Covey.jpg

Hickory, NC

Metallic Stencil, Paint, Textiles

An artist for 42 years. I alter furniture, tin, and surfaces. My knitting with modern and different yarns, hats, and scarves. "I love being in shop HMA."

Judy Rider

Hickory, NC

Water Media

My goal is to capture a feeling of quietness or excitement, time and place through light and shadow atmosphere and mood, in the essence of the composition.

Kaithyn covey Bice

Kaithyn Covey Bice.jpg

Dallas, NC


"I enjoy designing and have been learning art at HMA since I was little. I love drawing and paining and textile work. It's a privilege to be in shop HMA."

Leslie Hamlin, Leslie Hamlin Art

Leslie Hamlin 4.jpg

Hickory, NC

Fiber and Wool

"Art, like life, is a process, not a product. The joy this process conveys is why I create. Being a multidisciplinary artist keeps my working challenging and perpetually fresh. Painting, Jewelry, Assemblages, Felting, and bookbinding are the areas I work most often."

Melanie Micale, Chameleon Clay Works

Dunedin, FL


I try to look at the quirky sideof life, the less serious. I like word play and using that to create sculptures.

Meredith Janssen

Hickory, NC

Jewelry, Watercolors, Prints, Oil

I have an insurmountable curiosity for different media in art and want to try almost everything. Specifically I work in watercolor, printmaking, oils, and create handmade jewelry as well.

Nan Rene Lacy

Hickory, NC

Oils, and Pastels

Rielly Yount, Artist RY Studio

Hickory, NC

Fused and Stained Glass

I am a glass artist. Working primarily in the medium of fused glass. Also working in stained glass. I try to employ different types of glass in my pieces, always being mindful of color.

Sigrid Hice

Hickory, NC

Book Art

The colors and folds of my artist books remind me of the intricacies of life.

Stephanie Kelly, Kelly Family Arts

Newton, NC

Photography, Pyrography

Virginia Hurley, Tigersmoon Design

Virginia Hurley.jpg

Bethlehem, NC


With an eye to history I enjoy making items that are often both beautiful and functional.