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As one part of our multi-part 75th Anniversary celebration, our blog will feature weekly posts about HMA’s history: founding and other supporting personalities, our art collection’s beginnings and growth, our well-known and perhaps not as well-known local and regional artists, our exhibits over these years, and an occasional surprise. Some of the posts you may recognize as updates of earlier posts, while others will be new to the blog. Seventy-five posts for seventy-five weeks starting now, so keep watching!

Because yes, 2019 marks the 75th anniversary of the Museum's founding in 1944! And we just had to start early to celebrate that milestone.

This post is #1 of the 75 stories to celebrate HMA's 75 years.

Post by Karin Borei, HMA Project Coordinator, writer and editor as needed, and HMA blogger since March 2015.

Matthew Diffee (born 1970)

All about Matt Diffee and his ONE MAN GROUP SHOW that includes not only the original drawings for his cartoons and illustrations, but also for the first time  his more traditional artistic endeavors: realist landscapes, abstract paintings, and collages.

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Elizabeth Bradford

“[My] work is informed by the needlework traditions of southern women since North Carolina was settled. … It bows to the traditions of abstraction, while also striving to clearly represent the depth of my experience of nature.

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Joel Sartore (born 1962)

Between September 16, 2007 and February 25, 2018, HMA's exhibition Endangered: a Joel Sartore Retrospective will showcase Sartore's environmental passion with an installation of fifty-five gorgeous examples of his animal photography. This artwork illustrates both the beauty and the tragedy of animal species threatened by extinction. (More here)

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George Pearse Ennis (1884-1936)

"George Pearse Ennis is one of those men, alert and zestful but not officious in their energies who add to the satisfaction we take in living in our own times." Accomplished in many mediums, Ennis turned down an appointment to West Point in favor of becoming an artist.

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More works added since summer 2016

Most recently, former Board member and current Honorary Trustee Josephine Hambrick donated to HMA the lovely portrait that Paul Whitener painted of her as a young girl in 1938, and the Acquisitions Committee was delighted to accept this gift. Paul of course was the Museum's founder, and (more)

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