New Acquisitions 2018 (so far)

The conservation of HMA's Vollis Simpson Whirligigs has been the primary focus of HMA's acquisitions budget so far this year. They were deteriorating alarmingly from the weather's effects, and needed to be rescued and returned to their original glory on the SALT Block lawn in front of the museum. More information on this work will be forthcoming shortly.

In the meantime, HMA's Acquisitions and Collection Development Committee has recently gratefully accepted several distinguished gifts, including the following two. 

 Down by the Lake by Frederick Ballard Williams. HMA already owns nine other of works by Williams including the very first work of art purchased by Paul Whitener for HMA. An Internet image search suggests a possible location of this scene (top on right) to be Lake St Catherine north of Pawlet, VT, which would be consistent with places where Ballard found inspiration. (More about Ballard here.)

Twenty Eddy Mumma works donated by collector Josh Feldstein. Ohio-born Mumma (1908-1986) traveled a lot in his earlier life but after the death of his wife settled in Florida where he ran an antiques/junk business while painting as a hobby. He refused to exhibit or to sell any of his creations during his lifetime, but his family sold all of it after his death. 

Sam Granger Spring Shindig 2017 2017.40 edit.jpg

More HMA acquisitions in recent years, starting with  New acquisitions 2017. From the first work acquired in January, the oil painting Riverscape by local painter Haddie May Leonard Deal (1884-1969) to Spring Shindig, an acrylic by Sam Granger (on left), over forty pieces were added to HMA's steadily growing collection that year.

 In honor of Lisë Swensson's retirement When Lisë retired in March 2017, three works were added to HMA's collection in her honor and she added a fourth herself, a work that had been hanging in her office for years.


2016 was another year of colorful acquisitions in a range of styles. Check it out in these two posts: New acquisitions so far in 2016  and More works added since summer 2016.

The 2015 post introduces HMA's Acquisitions and Collection Development Committee and talks a little about its charge and process for selecting additions to HMA's permanent (that is, owned) collection. Also sampled are some of that year's yummy new art: New art added to HMA's collection in 2015

Post by Karin Borei, HMA Project Coordinator, writer and editor as needed, and HMA blogger since March 2015.