Ardyth Cowart Hearon (born 1952)

  Abstract,   2010      acrylic, fabric and paper on canvas   (2010.6)

Abstract, 2010 
acrylic, fabric and paper on canvas

“Tearing fabrics and applying them to canvas, mixing various media in with the paint, and building surfaces over time is the foundation of my process. Reading, listening to music, and constantly going back into the painting to mar it and build it up again until it reflects what I see in my head is what fulfills me.” (Artist’s statement, 2004)  This process resulted in “layers upon layers and layers of fabric” that sometimes included medical bandages and diapers that then became accidental references to Hearon’s earlier career as a nurse and to raising her children. (Interview with blog creator, 2016)

 “I see a similarity between the rites of passage of the ancient mystery cults and the passing on of the techniques of the quilting that my mother and grandmother gave to me. The homework and research of all these subjects is an integral part of what I do, and this is as important to me as the completed work of art.” (Artist’s statement, 1996)

Ardyth Cowart Hearon has lived, studied art and painted in Hickory since the 1980’s, saying “I cannot not paint.”

Abstract is part of the exhibit Woman Made that showcases works by women artists in the Museum's permanent collection.  The show opened December 17, 2016 and runs through April 23, 2017.

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