A new year with reenergized work spaces for staff

We get used to our work spaces, finding comfort in their familiarity and turning a mostly blind eye to eventual messes, as long as we can still find what we need to get our work done. Occasionally we may do a frantic bit of cleaning and weeding, but mostly not. Occasionally too, we have fantasies of rearrangement and paint - but, realistically, who has time for that with all the ambitious exhibits and programming that we love to create? Our supporters and visitors come first, after all.


But then one day something happens that says “if we have to do that anyway, why not go all out?” For the HMA staff, that something was a generous grant award from the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation that was dedicated to upgrading our very out of date computer technology. from server, software, connections, and on down to everyone’s desktops. This was our opportunity!

First we spent about a month drastically weeding and reorganizing both our own files and the shared ones such as exhibition brochures, this while still doing all our regular work too. Then, while the new system was being set up and configured and we were without work computers for almost a week, staff went to town on the offices.

We spent three days collaborating on moving every piece of furniture around, painting all the office walls, and then moving furniture around some more.

A range of aching muscles and backs later, though no major injuries or bruises, we started personalizing the spruced-up spaces.

Scroll through the gallery below, and/or come visit and see for yourselves what we created with our totally new look! Creativity proactively applied to our work environment and collaboration spaces.

Photos by Karin Borei, Projects Coordinator, and Debbie Reed, Communications & Design Manager.