Another new exhibit: Connie Bostic's Sugar and Spice

connie bostic 2.jpg

Between August 11 and November 4, 2018, Asheville, North Carolina artist Connie Bostic presents her paintings as part of HMA’s Local Artist Series. Often working in a series and predominantly in mixed media, her work explores timely social themes. She maintains a studio in Asheville’s River Arts District, and has been called the President Emeritus of all things ‘art’ in Western North Carolina.

Bostic's work has for many years explored female sexuality in ways sometimes subtle and sometimes less so. One way she expresses the subject is with color. “Red, the color of blood is a color frequently used to depict women" she says. "It’s a color of exposure and as such it’s a very vulnerable color, think red lipstick, red lingerie, red shoes, do you see?  Red almost indicates sex, if nothing else it’s at least a connotation of the word.” She also references topics that were taboo when she was growing up, considering what has changed since then and what maybe has not. (From Asheville's Flood Gallery Fine Art Center introduction to Bostic's 2013 exhibit RED, as is the Linda Larsen quote below.)

Linda Larsen, artist and friend of Connie Bostic, says this:  “Throughout the years I have unsuccessfully tried to explain the power Connie Bostic’s painting holds. ... it is finally becoming clear that she is, and always has been, a symbolist, an eloquent, fearless one, not the romantic or sentimental sort. Throwing formalism to the winds, Bostic reaches deep into her feminist roots and offers, for those of us who care to look, another complex human conundrum with which to grapple.”

Connie Bostic (born1936) received her formal art education at Gardner Webb Junior College, UNC Charlotte, and Western North Carolina University. Bostic's artistic archives are to be preserved as a collection of the North Carolina Room at Pack Memorial Library That collection will include video oral histories, physical clippings, posters, and other ephemera, and an inventory with thumbnail images and metadata documenting 670 of Bostic’s paintings, drawings, prints, and mixed media works.

Bostic previously exhibited at HMA in the Museum’s 2012 exhibition Waking Up with Van Gogh.