There are still some summer camps available!

The popularity of HMA's week-long summer camps has grown over the years, sessions fill up fast, and half the camps for this summer are already full. There is still room in some of the camps for the summer's second half, however, such as the following.

In the Put Yourself in the Picture summer camp, students between ages 10 and  14 will use a variety of materials to make themselves the focus of their artwork with an artful self portrait. To do this, they will learn printmaking techniques, photo collage, and they will use paint and other materials to create art all about themselves. How could they not love doing that? (July 16-20)

Wild Things live in the water land, and sky. Campers aged 4-6 will create two- and three-dimensional lions, birds, wild sea creatures, and other animals using paint, recycled objects, and soft dough.  (August 13-17)

There are a few others as well. To help you choose, we keep an up-to-date listing here of which summer camps are still available for each age group. That page also has links to fuller descriptions of all the camps, as well as to a printable registration form.

animal camp.JPG

Overview of our camps: Our summer camps start at age 4 and continue to age 14, with a variety of age-appropriate offerings for each group. We keep the camp sizes small, with each limited to 12 students so that individual attention can be given to each student and her or his art.

To help the experienced teachers in each camp, this summer we have sixteen high school volunteers who are giving up part of their summer to help with the camps. Half of these students attended camp themselves at one time, or have helped in the past and wanted to do that again.

And as a bonus, of course, if you are a member of the Museum you get a discount on all the camps! But you probably already knew that. 

So what are you waiting for?