71st Annual Paul Whitener Student Art Show (Elementary)

In 1947, Paul Whitener staged the first HMA exhibit of art by students in the Hickory schools. It was his vision that giving these students a way to show their art in an actual museum would encourage their talents for and love of arts. This tradition has continued uninterrupted into the present. A very recent example of a participant is Hunter Speagle, a Hickory native who once won a Paul Whitener student art show ribbon and now is having his own exhibit of his art at HMA (between May 5 and August 5, 2018 ).

The opening reception for this year's elementary school division of the exhibit took place on March 22, 2018, and was as every year enthusiastically attended by the proud artists as well as their families and friends. The elementary school division art will remain on display until April 3, after which the middle and high school student art will be displayed until April 29.

Hickory City schools along with Catawba County, Newton Conover, homeschool and private schools participated, with each school selecting work to contribute. Awards were given to K - 2nd graders and 3rd - 6th graders separately. KCCB (Keep Catawba County Beautiful) gave awards for students using recycled products in their art, and Coffee in the Coe participants awarded a "Most Creative" ribbon.  Mayor Hank Guess gave out the awards and shook hands with the winners.

Award winners:

1st Place – Ellie Woloszyk (K-2 Grade) and Anna Lucia Seaman (3-6 Grade)

2nd place – Owen Williams (K-2 Grade) and Iona Birst (3-6 Grade)

3rd place – Qute Yang (K-2 Grade) and Adley Drum (3-6 Grade)

Honorable Mentions:
Emma Monahan
Elizabeth Durham
Lexi Ramsey
Maddy Good
Audreyna Binns
Abigail Rodriquez Miranda

Recycled Art Contest (elementary school). 

1st Place:  Sohia Dentino, 4th Grade, Viewmont Elem . Description- Sea Turtle (pictured above)

2nd Place:  Cooper Manual, 4th Grade, Viewmont Elem. Description- Sir Alligator (Score 90)

3rd Place:  Kamryn Sain, 4th Grade, Hickory Christian Academy. Description- Recycled Fabric Collage

Coffee in the Coe's "Most Creative" ribbon

Ella Brice, Kindergarten, Webb A. Murray Elem.   

Post by Karin Borei, HMA Project Coordinator, writer and editor as needed, and HMA blogger since March 2015. Photographs from the reception are by Debbie Reed, and the rest are by me.