Stacy Lambert (born 1965)

Selected whimsical pottery and drawings by Stacy Lambert are being presented in HMA's Local Artist Gallery in conjunction with New Horizons: Self-Taught Art in The 21st Century (September 23, 2017 - January 7, 2018). Three of his untitled works from the show are shown below.

Discharged from the Army in 1986, North Carolina native Stacy Lambert earned an associate degree in commercial art from Randolph Community College in Asheboro, North Carolina. After graduation he worked first in a printing company and then at a textile mill, but neither satisfied his creative urges sufficiently. So, in 1993 Lambert started learning the rudiments of pottery from Sid Luck at Luck's Seagrove pottery.  Luck, a fifth generation traditional potter who had been one of Lambert's high school teachers, showed Lambert the basics of pottery, from handling the clay to glazing and firing.  From there, Lambert's own imagination took over.

All of Lambert’s pottery is carefully constructed and abundantly detailed. He hand-builds the figures, sometimes throwing the basic shape of the work on the wheel.  He does an electric kiln initial bisque firing before completing the detail painting and a final firing. (Bisque firing makes the piece porous which allows much more decorative work to be added. Most pottery goes through a bisque firing and is then fired again to melt the glaze and fuse it to the clay body.) Humor is a critical component of Lambert's creations.

Lambert lives in Winston-Salem with his wife, and has two adult children from a previous relationship. He describes his business of selling his art this way, "I’ve been playing in the mud since 1995, making wheel-thrown and hand built artistic pottery such as face jugs, lions, turtles, ring jugs, vases, coffee mugs, figurals, and more, creating interesting artwork on most of my pieces. I also create pen and ink drawings." (From the North Carolina Pottery Center Directory.) He says of his full-time work as an artist that "I plan on doing this forever." He maintains a picture gallery of his representative older art on Facebook .

An essay by Barry G. Huffman about Lambert is included in the catalog for New Horizons: Self-Taught Art in The 21st Century. This post is chiefly derived from that essay, with additional research.

Post by Karin Borei, HMA Project Coordinator, writer and editor as needed, and HMA blogger since March 2015.