New acquisitions so far in 2016

As you remember from six months ago, HMA's Acquisitions Committee meets every month to, among other things, make decisions on potential new works to add to our collection, whether through purchase or generous gift.

The committee has had a gratifyingly busy first three months of 2016, and has again selected works for HMA, mostly through gifts. On the right is a memory painting by Minnie Reinhardt (1898-1986); and below from left are Pageant Material by Tammy Leigh Brooks, Marie Hudson's Entanglement, and Mary Charles Griffin's wall-sized six-part Aerobics.  Brooks' studio is in Hickory, and she notes that her chest-puffing bird is an example of how roosters are bred and trained for posing at rooster beauty pageants in Malaysia. Hudson and Griffin, both nearing their nineties, are in the process of closing their Asheville studios and dispersing their remaining works.

Next (below) are a couple of Cher Shaffer folk art dolls, a guinea hen by John "Cornbread" Anderson (from rural Lumpkin GA), and two prints on handmade paper and a wood construction by the abstract artist Clinton Hill (1922–2003).

Shaffer's dolls draw on their creators' growing-up influences of Cherokee and Appalachia Mountain cultures; and they reinforce the difference between seeing photographs of art (picture previews of these dolls had not overly impressed the committee)  versus seeing the art itself (the dolls mesmerize in reality).

Here (click on the word) is a taste of our then-recent acquisitions six months ago.

Post by Karin Borei, HMA Project Coordinator, writer and editor as needed, and HMA blogger since March 2015.