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September 7, 2019 - January 5, 2020
Coe Gallery

A diverse, cross-disciplinary group of artists, creatives, and subject matter experts will be brought together to create an innovative work of art for Corning’s new headquarters in Charlotte. This project explores important STEAM topics including problem-framing, observation, prototyping, and concept evaluation. Collaborating within the walls of HMA, a gallery space will be transformed into a lab and the entire process will be documented by a media company creating a living curriculum, which can be released in installments across the Museum’s digital channels. These resources will also be supplemented by the development of classroom materials and professional development curricula for area educators. The complete package will not only engage families in immersive learning about creativity, but also position Catawba County as a beacon for new ideas, bold arts and cultural programming. The entire process, as well as the finished work of art, promotes HMA's mission to bring people together and inspire creativity through the power of art.

Exhibition Sponsors:
Corning Optical Communications
Corning Incorporated Foundation

Annual Sponsor