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Printmaking Techniques for Classroom Use         


Cost: $55
Call to Register: 828.327.8576

This course provides an introduction to basic dry point intaglio printmaking techniques, including mark making, monotyping, soft ground, multi-color, and Chine-collé.

In this fun, one day course, we will explore the craft and techniques of intaglio printmaking through our own personal interests and images. We will examine the power of making multiple images from a single matrix, called an edition. We will also explore the idea of making suites, multiple works based on the same matrix that look similar but not exactly the same. Finally, we will add collage elements to our prints to make unique, one of a kind, images.

An introduction to press operation, paper handling, ink mixing, and tool selection will be an important part of this course. While expensive tools and materials are valuable to the art making process, we will look at ways to cut cost for classroom application, and make our own tools.

The course will include a supply list, a simple syllabus, and several, ready to use, project descriptions. While a materials list will be supplied, the materials will be included in the workshop. Suggestions for preparing for the intensive, one day course, will be supplied several weeks before the class begins.

Thomas Thielemann runs the art department and teaches at Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute.

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