Sponsorship of "Grandfather Mountain, NC" 1910 by Elliott Daingerfield

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Grandfather Mtn wc1910_MMA.jpg
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Sponsorship of "Grandfather Mountain, NC" 1910 by Elliott Daingerfield


Sponsorship of the following painting featured in HMA’s upcoming exhibition A GRAND VISION: Elliott Daingerfield Paints Grandfather Mountain and the Grand Canyon.

Elliott Daingerfield (1859-1932)
Grandfather Mountain, 1910
watercolor on paper
Morris Museum of Art, Augusta, Georgia

Hickory Museum of Art is organizing this blockbuster exhibition and we need your help to bring these masterworks by Elliott Daingerfield to Hickory. There will only be one sponsor per painting. A placard near the artwork will highlight your name or business. To sponsor an artwork, please complete sponsorship securely online or call Kelly Smith at 828-327-8576, ext. 206. HMA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and your contribution may be tax deductible (please consult your tax advisor).

Please note: you are not purchasing an artwork, you are purchasing a sponsorship to help bring A GRAND VISION to Hickory Museum of Art.

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